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Posted (10/28/2014) -

Saturday Morning Qualifying: Qualified 2nd with a personal best time of 1:18.2.  Missed the pole position by a tenth to Bruce Bannister. 

Saturday Race One: Started 2nd and went side by side thru turns 1 and 2. I had a better run coming out of the 2nd corner, so I took the inside line to the short shoot.  Still side by side going around the outside of turn 3, I finally managed to get ahead going up to Hilltop.  Stayed in 1st going around Big Bend and down the Back Straight. Bruce out braked me down into six and dive bombed into the inside and hit my rear tire. We both managed to keep going and were side by side again through Paddock and the Esses. I took the lead back and stayed in 1st for about 8 laps until our fuel pump started to fail and I was forced to come into the Pits.

Sunday Morning Heat Race: After working most of the night to fix the car, I started in dead last for the Sunday Morning Heat Race  Had a great race passing cars like crazy.  I got into 4th in about 3-4 laps and stayed there for the rest of the race.

Sunday Feature Race:  Qualified with an overall 3rd best time. 1st was Michael Mulvaney, 2nd was Bruce Bannister. At the start I got inside and passed Bruce Bannister.  Once again he way out braked himself and hit me again going into turn 6.  We both managed to keep going, but Michael had pulled out a lead.  Bruce and I spent several laps reeling him back in again. About halfway through the race Bruce decided he didn't want to be behind me anymore and seemed to use me as a brake into turn 6. We both went spinning off the track.  My momentum put me into the wall right in front of the stands in turn 6. We both were able to rejoin the race, but while rejoining he got ahead of me. He ended up finish 3rd and I finished 4th.After the race, another racer protested Bruce and I was awarded the 3rd place finish.

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